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Atlas Associates Inc.

Origin and thought of company name

Know and learn the world from myths and maps


King of Atlantis
According to Plato, the first king of Atlantis was also named Atlas, but that Atlas was a son of Poseidon and the mortal woman Cleito.The works of Eusebius and Diodorus also give an Atlantean account of Atlas. In these accounts, Atlas' father was Uranus and his mother was Gaia. His grandfather was Elium "King of Phoenicia" who lived in Byblos with his wife Beruth.


King of Mauretania
Atlas was also a legendary king of Mauretania, the land of the Mauri in antiquity roughly corresponding with modern Maghreb. In the 16th Century Gerardus Mercator put together the first collection of maps to be called an "Atlas" and devoted his book to the "King of Mauretania".

Company info

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  • Atlas Associates 株式会社  
     (Eng : Atlas Associates Inc.)

  • Establish : Since 22 Feb 2019

  • Capital : JPY 3,000,000

  • Headquarter : Minato , Tokyo

  • Founder & CEO Takayuki Miyano