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New features and release information

​June 6 ,2024

Express the feelings in your heart better with Nocturne! Emotional Icons Enlarging Feature Now Available!

We're excited to announce the addition of a new feature that will help you express your feelings even better: the Emotional Icons Enlargement Feature!What is the Emotional Icons Enlargement Feature?
・When you tap an Emotional icon, it will now be displayed in a larger size.
・Bigger icons make your feelings more impactful and easier to understand.
・Infuse your messages with a touch of your unique personality.Experiment with your favorite Emotional icons to see the difference! Additionally, the enlargement feature supports layering, allowing you to create unique combinations. Explore and discover your perfect pairings :)

​June 6 ,2024

Reborn : NextGen

Atlas Associates is a Japanese startup passionate about protecting your freedom and rights.We're building a messaging app to break down barriers and enable points to be used globally.


We have begun releasing Nocturne NextGen, which currently offers only the chat feature. We will be conducting test marketing over the next three months.

The implementation of the Meshnetwork is planned within a few months, point accumulation by the end of this year, and the utilization of points is scheduled for next year.


While we're still in early stages, our chat feature boasts top-tier security with blockchain-based user IDs This is just the first step in our mission to transform messaging.Join us and be part of the future!​

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