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May our day be
a happy one.

It can be used in the same way as Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal etc.

The difference with them is that Nocturne does not monitor, divert or resell messages at all and has truly disappeared. You can add emotions when sending messages. Our monetization is planned to be income from advertisements that allow users to earn Atlas' points after implementing blockchain and mesh Network.

 I named this app Nocturne from the idea that 

 If we cherish everyday, we will have wonderful memories when we look back on them in the future.

Founder and CEO, Taka

After the set time or maximum of 1week has passed, messages sent and received by the user will disappear from all devices and servers the next time the app is launched.

For the concept that disappears, we want our users to keep important things in mind, to cherish each and every message, and to have fun. We want to reduce the sadness caused by people who are not good at expressing their feelings or who tend to misunderstand. We aim to create a market that makes the digital world a better place through the realization of a message app that makes people feel a little better.

  • Command
    You can use the following commands by tapping long on the part where the message transmission/reception time (date and time) is displayed. Adding Reaction Save message up to 9weeks in the private chats Delete message(Manually) Copy Forward
  • Reaction
    You can add our unique and fun reactions to messages through the command functionality.
  • Emotional icons
    With our app, you can easily convey your emotions to others when sending messages. We believe that this can help reduce misunderstandings and sadness caused by poor communication and difficulty in understanding others' feelings. We plan to continuously improve our app by adding and modifying the types of icons available. We hope to make it even easier for all of you to select the right icon to express your emotions accurately.
  • IGF
    All exchanged messages will simultaneously disappear from all devices and the server. Let's consider the exchange of messages in a group chat involving three individuals, A, B, and C, as an example. After the set expiration time, if A is the first to bring the app online, the data will vanish from A's device and will also be deleted from our server. Subsequently, when B or C comes online, the message content will disappear from their respective devices as well.
  • Quoting Messages
    To quote a message, simply swipe left to right on the text you want to quote, regardless of whether it is from you or the other person.
  • Secret Mode
    You can send messages and passwords etc..hidden. Tap to display. The encryption is solid even in this mode or not.
  • How are points used?
    We plan to use these points in the future for sending animations to other users, unlocking various features, or enabling exchanges with various digital currencies etc.. It's still in the beta version, but please stay tuned :)
  • About IGF
    Ignite the Fire. We believe that communication has both a beginning and an end. In other words, because it vanishes, we want users to keep what is dear to their hearts, treasuring each message and finding joy in them. Moreover, we recognize that communication also has its moments of excitement. We hope to infuse joy into communication. We want our app to be a delightful catalyst for our users, creating wonderful opportunities. These sentiments are encapsulated in the name IGF.
  • When do users' sent and received content disappear from the server
    Once the timed disappearance is activated, the message will be completely deleted the moment the display period ends. In other words, the message will disappear from the recipient's device at the same time it disappears from the sender's device.
  • How we handle the user's sent and received content.
    We do not monitor or utilize the user's sent and received content in any way, nor do we resell it. When the timer expires, the data is also deleted from the server (cloud). However, in cases where investigation is necessary, such as criminal activities, we will cooperate with requests for disclosure from relevant authorities to the cloud server companies. Regarding the AI chatbots that we plan to implement in the future, user's content will be utilized as big data, not as individual data.
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