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Attending Google NEXT 2024 in Las Vegas: A Tech Enthusiast's Dream

Updated: Jul 4

I recently had the incredible opportunity to attend Google NEXT 2024 in Las Vegas, thanks to a complimentary invitation from Google. The last time I was in Vegas was for an Oracle event, and once again, I found the city’s unique blend of gambling and tech events to be electrifying.

One of the highlights was being invited to a VIP-only party at the Sky Lounge the night before the conference. The view of Las Vegas at night from the skyscrapers was breathtaking. It was a perfect setting to scout out startups I hadn't heard of before, some of which I now consider competitors.

Google Next

As someone who is a huge fan of Google Cloud and Firebase, the event itself was a paradise. I spent the entire time immersed in the various sessions and activities, relishing every moment spent with the latest in technology. There was no sightseeing for me this trip—just pure tech indulgence.

One interesting tidbit I noticed: Google officially pronounces their AI product “Gemini” as "jeh-mi-nye," yet in Japan, it’s often pronounced "jeh-mi-nee." This kind of unintentional localization can be a bit embarrassing.

I took a lot of photos, but since they include information about various companies, I decided to stick to writing about my experience. If I get another free invite next year, I’ll definitely be back.

All in all, it was an event that reaffirmed my love for technology and left me looking forward to what Google will do next.


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