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MWC Barcelona 2024

As we stepped into 2024, the first item on my agenda was the annual MWC Barcelona, a staple event in the tech world.

After spending three days in Mallorca, using it as both a breather and a chance to recharge, I fully immersed myself in MWC, attending every day of the event.

Following the conclusion of MWC, I took a three-day trip to San Sebastian, where I had ample time to relax and reflect.

Feeling the absence of Covid19's impact, I sensed a return to the vibrant atmosphere of the world's largest IT congress.

While many notable companies were present as usual, I'll skip listing them. However, I did notice a growing momentum and maturity in the market for the combination of Fintech and AI, a field our company is actively involved in. This convergence seems to offer significant business opportunities and chances for success in the future.


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