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Vivatech2023 Start / Japan and the rest of the world

Updated: May 21

On June 14th (Sunday), the annual Vivatech event took place in Paris.

This event, held at this time of the year in Paris, is something I look forward to every year.

However, what I felt this time during Vivatech is that

Japan has already become a "forgotten country" in the eyes of the world.

Japan is often seen by foreigners as a tourist destination because of its beauty, delicious food, convenience, and affordability. As a result, Japan is not perceived as being particularly necessary.

In considering global business, it is increasingly important to distinguish between Japan and the rest of the world.

Especially with Japan's government-led efforts to become a tourism-oriented nation, it seems that tech companies with global appeal are being ignored.

Most of the tech companies selected by Japan's accelerator programs have already been defeated overseas 5-8 years ago and are now either expanding their businesses in Japan or imitating successful overseas models.

While monetization is emphasized in Japan, it's important for judges and companies to consider how Japanese startups can expand globally.

At this year's Vivatech,

the Mobility Corner attracted particular attention.

Exhibits included vehicles like helicopters with anxiety-inducing controls and cars driven entirely by monitors, showcasing the future of mobility.

Also, major companies like LVMH and L'Oreal have set up large booths, offering new experiences to customers through the integration of digital and AI technologies.

Personally, I found Alibaba's booth particularly impressive, with its use of cute characters to express missions and business objectives.

We, too, aim to use characters to develop messaging apps and expand into cities in Southeast Asia, aiming for success in the global market.


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