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Off to Vivatech Again This Year!

This year, I plan to spend over 10 hours in Warsaw on my way to and from the event, taking the opportunity to explore the city and hold some meetings.

As we enter June, our company's messaging app, Nocturne, is taking its first big step towards a full-scale rollout. For nearly a year, we've been working on this project under the name NextGen, so the app will be fully rebranded as Nocturne NextGen.

While the app's features are still under development, with only about 30% completed, I will be launching it soon.

Over the next three months, until September, we intend to conduct test marketing and iterate through trial and error.Currently, I am the only full-time employee, handling both marketing and business aspects alone. However, I hope to expand our team by autumn.

Please look forward to it :)


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