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​Digital ID


Eclipse Digital ID (DID)  is an innovative digital ID of Atlas Associates developed using blockchain technology. Integrated as the core feature in all our applications, it provides more than just high-level encryption and security structures, it offers a seamless digital experience to our users.

We are gearing up for a deployment that transcends international boundaries, embracing a truly global scale.

Digital ID

The use cases of Our Eclipse DID(EDID)

Account Linking for Messaging Apps

Users can utilize our EDID  as their user ID for our messaging app "Nocturne NextGen." Users can not only log in with their Google or Apple IDs but also integrate these accounts into one through Eclipse, enabling higher security through user-owned and managed IDs.

Account management

Digital Currency Integration

Digital point

Eclipse can be integrated with various digital currencies via APIs. Initial setup allows integration with MetaMask. Users who earn our points through apps like Nocturne NextGen can use EDID to exchange them for other digital currencies, with plans to enable exchanges with other cryptocurrencies by using MetaMask in conjunction with this technology. Please note that the list of integration partners will expand according to future plans.

Future implementation milestones

Digital currency integration

Planning API integration with companies focusing on digital points and currency services in the Global South region. This will enable seamless transactions and exchanges within the digital currency ecosystem.

Voting feature

Developing specifications that leverage blockchain technology to allow users to participate in online voting securely and easily, taking advantage of the inherent security and transparency features of blockchain.

Disclosure and transfer of healthcare information

Developing specifications that combine Digital Identifiers (DID) and blockchain technology to enable users to securely access and disclose their healthcare information through our messaging app when needed. This feature aims to enhance user control over their healthcare data and facilitate its transfer when necessary.

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