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"A next-generation Time disappearance & Fintech messaging app 'Nocturne’, Operating on a blockchain-based user database and Digital ID,
Implementing enhanced end-to-end encryption (E2EE) with consideration for high security and user privacy.

It connects people through a mesh network, even in environments without internet access."


This app automatically erases all user messages from devices and servers after a specified time upon going online. It ensures complete privacy as messages are neither monitored nor used for data collection. Furthermore, it supports mesh network communication, enabling connectivity even without internet, such as during disasters.


The app operates on a user database and digital IDs developed through blockchain technology. This approach not only ensures enhanced security measures but also creates a borderless experience worldwide, enabling personal authentication from anywhere. It also incorporates functionalities as a hub, with APIs for integration with various global services.

Digital ID

Digital IDs facilitate secure, fraud-free personal verification and the management of connected services. We also provide APIs for businesses, enabling logins across various platforms. Additionally, there are plans to store data like health records in the future.


By the second half of 2024, users will be able to earn points by viewing ads in Nocturne. Plans are underway to enable the exchange of Atlas' points earned in our app into various global digital currencies through the digital ID system and Metamask. Additionally, the functionality for sending and receiving points will also be introduced.

Protect user privacy

We do not monitor or utilize the content of users' messages in our chat service. However, for AI Chat, we use the data as training material for AI improvement. After the timed expiration (IGF: Ignite the Fire), messages are completely deleted from our servers. Nonetheless, in the event of a criminal incident, we may request disclosure from the server provider we use (Google).

Enhanced E2EE (End to End Encryption)

Like WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and Signal, we use equivalent encryption for communication. However, unlike them, we do not weaken encryption for message transmission due to our policy of not monitoring or repurposing messages for advertising. This means that after initiating IGF (Ignite the Fire), users' communication privacy is completely secure.

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