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Learning Design Through Joan Miró

Updated: May 21

On February 26th (Sunday), following the inspiration gained from the previous day's excursion to Mallorca, I decided to visit the Joan Miró Foundation in the afternoon.

Although I had purchased a 5-day transportation pass, which also covered the cable car ride to the Joan Miró Foundation, the visit felt like a great deal.

Interestingly, the artwork I encountered at the Foundation sparked some ideas. While I've made creative decisions in my work before, diving into all aspects of app design, from icons to UI/UX, feels incredibly profound, inspiring a strong desire to learn more.

Despite being a novice in design, I find myself often purchasing generic items in daily life, which isn't necessarily bad. However, I now feel the urge to understand true value, develop my aesthetic sensibilities, and grow as a designer.

Upon returning home, I plan to delve deeper into design, focusing on Joan Miró's work and drawing inspiration from both his art and my experience in Mallorca.

Above all, I aim to translate my personal sentiments into tangible design elements for Nocturne.

Ending the day with a croissant and coffee, I must say that while I usually opt for café lattes, I found the lattes in Spain particularly delightful.

I highly recommend trying out the coffee and pastries in Barcelona if you ever get the chance.


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