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Strategic partnership with Bridgefy in Japan and Asia.

Atlas Associates Inc,(based in Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Takayuki Miyano), which develops messaging apps for Africa and South America, has formed a technical partnership with

Bridgefy(based in San Francisco, USA; CEO: Jorge Rios) ahead of the implementation of Web3.0 (Fintech) and dApps.

Bridgefy, Atlas Associates, and strategic partnership in Japan and Asia

We have long admired Bridgefy's technology, which we initially viewed as a competitor, and are thrilled to collaborate and work together.

The partnership will involve technology sharing and collaboration on specifications.

We aim to implement Bridgefy's technology into our messaging app soon.

By adapting the technology used in initiatives like Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement and addressing the Ukraine issue, which enables communication even when the internet is unavailable, we will facilitate communication in both connected and disconnected environments.

Press Release from San Francisco:


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