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Workspace in Barcelona is by the beautiful seaside.

Updated: May 21

Our company is registered at Regus Group's top-tier brand, Signature, for our headquarters.

As Signature offices are rare worldwide due to their luxury status, I often utilize the Spaces brand, which is one tier below, both in Japan and abroad.

Among the Spaces I've experienced so far, the ones near Google for Startups in Madrid and Meta's vicinity stood out. However, I recently encountered a Spaces that completely blew me away.

This particular location stands as my top-ranked Spaces worldwide.

Additionally, there's a cafeteria on the lower floor offering a diverse menu centered around bread. Not only is the food delicious, but it's also slightly more affordable than in Japan, making it wallet-friendly.

By the way, being located in an impressive tower building, security checks are conducted on the 1st floor, and an ID is required for entry pass issuance.


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