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MWC Barcelona in 2023

I'm here at MWC Barcelona once again this year.

As of now, it's around 4:30 PM in Barcelona, and MWC Barcelona kicked off today.

Today, I arrived at the venue around 9:30 AM and spent about 5 and a half hours exploring back and forth to revisit the spots that caught my interest.

As always, this event showcases the tremendous presence and impact of Korean and Chinese companies.

First, upon entering, I had a premonition of what's to come and took a few shots. Then, I headed for breakfast.

Unlike last time, there was a significant focus on the 4YFM (4 Years From Now) corner. Except for a few ultra-famous tech companies, it seemed like this area was the main attraction.

Huawei seems to have built an empire of its own. There's a setup akin to a train station gate, and beyond that, you need an appointment. Seeing this setup makes you crave for an appointment and creates excitement to explore further. It's a brilliant marketing strategy. Moreover, once you get inside, you feel compelled to make a deal. They've got the perfect setup for conversions.

However, this time around, Nokia also seemed to be putting in effort, and companies like Qualcomm seem to have adopted a display style reminiscent of Huawei.

Once again, Japan had almost no presence.The lack of popularity and the small-scale setup are undeniable impressions.

On the other hand, companies from China and Korea exuded confidence with their loud voices and bold attitudes, visible to many.

Today, I compiled a few photos I took.

In a few years, I hope to grow to the point where my company can participate as well.


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