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To Learn Design: Exploring Mallorca

Updated: May 21

I'm currently in Barcelona ahead of our participation in MWC Barcelona.

This year, our company is focusing solely on our messaging app, and I've dedicated myself to it wholeheartedly. Having previously worked at a company renowned for its algorithms and strong relationships with Google, Apple, and Facebook, I've always emphasized the importance of creativity.

In that spirit, I've personally designed every aspect of Nocturne, formerly known as Atlas Ignite Messenger (AIM), from its inception to its UI/UX, taking full responsibility for its success. (Currently, renamed as Nocturne)

Drawing inspiration from visionaries like Steve Jobs and local legends like Gaudi, I'm constantly pondering what designs will lead to Nocturne's success.

Amidst this, I managed a day trip to Mallorca. My goal was to experience the Cathedral and Bellver Castle firsthand. While it ended up being about a 25-kilometer walk, it gave me a fresh perspective and shattered my preconceived notions about Mallorca.

One reason my perception of Mallorca shifted was the sheer presence of affluent individuals. The island reminded me of a mix of various atmospheres, including Venice, Santorini, Sausalito, and Santa Monica.

Filled with cruise ships and yet surprisingly affordable compared to Tokyo, Mallorca has become a destination I'd like to visit at least once every two years

It's a charming haven with cruiser-filled towns and reasonable prices. Truly a delightful destination!


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