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Today marks the beginning of the SIXTH year!

February 22nd is the anniversary of our company's founding.

And every year, coincidentally on this day, I find myself departing for MWC Barcelona from Japan.

In the first year, my role as an external director aimed towards an IPO in the Japanese market, so I was hardly involved in our company's operations.

From the second year onwards, despite my initial start, I was significantly impacted by COVID-19, leading me to focus extensively on the Japanese government's accelerator program during the latter half of the year.

During the third year, I developed a messaging app, and in the fourth year, we conducted test marketing of the prototype in certain parts of the Global South region.

Our time-limited messaging app was actually introduced to the world before WhatsApp or Telegram etc.., I believe, although evidence of this is scarce, with perhaps only a press release from the Japanese government to support it.

In the fifth year ( and started as the team) , I took a step back for reflection and recharge, focusing solely on introspection.

Now, as we embark on the crucial sixth year, while I had initially hoped to launch a new startup this year, I am determined to work diligently towards our goals to avoid any regrets.


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