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Vivatech2022 in Paris

Updated: May 21

I attended the event after a three-year hiatus. The primary goal this time was to connect with developing countries and regions with geopolitical risks. We aim to Web3.0 our POC message app's My Account page and incorporate token distribution and DAO concepts.

Even though there were substantial booths from Japan via JETRO, they seemed unremarkable and lacking energy, which personally made me feel that Japan might indeed be one of the most developing countries (which it is, in fact). I couldn't help but feel that by always being subdued and lacking vitality, Japan might unintentionally be proving this point.

Coming from a culture of foreign firms that strongly pursue outcomes, I believe exhibiting companies should participate independently and pay to exhibit in the areas they want. Being allocated a lukewarm area doesn't evoke a sense of urgency, and seeing Japanese companies gathered, laughing, almost seemed like a disappointing sight (almost reminiscent of a trip awarded as a prize).

If Japan is to compete, I felt that representatives from JETRO should be willing to cover their travel expenses out of their own pockets, to show they are serious, rather than appearing to just be on a casual visit.

In events like Vivatech, where everyone is fiercely competitive, the emptiness of Japan's booths might have resonated with others. The same goes for MWC Barcelona.

As for recommendations in Paris, these two places are a must-visit! Even after 10 PM, it's still bright out, as you can see from the photos. The beer spot is from the 8th floor restaurant of Printemps, and I highly recommend the oysters at Galeries Lafayette, my favorite department store and department store basement 😺


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